Hey everyone.
I am so excited!!! I just bought my Gypsy at Michaels for $230. I was debating to either buy it online or at the I decided that I didn't want to wait...LoL So now I have my Gypsy. WooHoo. They also had some Cricut Cartridges for $45 but they didn't have much. But I can't wait to start creating and cuttting up some cute stuff. Hope you have a nice day.

Cricut Cartridge Storage

1.)Scrap Paper Scissors Plastic Storage Carry All Case
2.)Here are a few of my cartridges and overlays.
I also have some scratch cardstock on the side.
3.)This is the back side where I have the handbooks.
4.)Scrap Paper Scissors tote w/plastic cases.
5.)I store some crafting supplies in here.
6.)Another pic of the tools I like to take with me when im on the go.

Hey everyone.
So this is how I store my cricut cartridges, overlays, & handbook. Its a polk-a-dot case I bought at Michaels. I also have some the matching bag where i store some of my crafting tools.
I am hoping to upgrade my storage to the ribbon dispenser snap n stack by snapware, but they seem to be sold out. Here is an example of what I am talking about....

Refurbished My Cricut Mat

1.) Dirty cricut mat
2.) Cleaned part of the mat with nailpolish remover

3.) Clean cricut mat

Hey everyone.
So I had to refurbish my cricut mat. It wasn't sticky anymore. So I cleaned it with some nailpolish remover, and then I used my ZIG 2 way glue (jumbo tip) and let it dry....and now its sticky again. Now on to some projects.

Hello Kitty Christmas Card

Hey everyone.
So I finally had time to post this card up. I made this Hello Kitty X Mas card for my sister using the Hello Kitty Greetings Cartridge. I cut her out at 5 inches. Hope you enjoyed it.